Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Vogueffirmation: I love that new wife smile

It's been officially 2 weeks of me being a wife and newlywed. All new words that seem foreign yet feel so natural coming out of my mouth. 

Family and friends keep asking "does it feel different" and I must admit although we are not new to our relationship, this new chapter feels a bit refreshing and new and I am enjoying the new wife shine!

New chapters are always exciting, scary and makes most anxious. This is my reason for being MIA on the blog lately. I will be returning back to normal posting over the next few weeks as I adjust back into reality! 

The blog will be once again under going a face change and maybe even a name change as i want to focus more more things outside of the word of fashion! So look out for that and remember to stay grounded and inspired this week!  
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Thursday, July 3, 2014

V&V Radar: Forever Young

In my heart of hearts I am such a big kid! I love to dress up and because I have a little person who adores it as well I find any excuse to dress up and play with her! Any reason to put on glitter, feathers and tulle and I will take it! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

V&V Decorum- Shimmer Baby Shimmer!

While i am swamped with all things wedding i figured I would give myself a mental break and troll Pinterest an just like a month to a flam all thing shiny I am automatically draw too! 
I think in my former life I was a magpie! lol so I figured while not talk shimmer in the home.

I am infmuse for having a mirror, or two, or three in one room! This habit was adopted from living in NYC in small spaces and remembering that adding mirrors opens a space and makes it look bigger then what it is! The illusion of metal reflection, some were along the way my lust for metal and reflective objected poured off the walls and into my living space. 

It was refreshing to see that i am not the only one that think metal of all kind reflective or other should be placed at least once through the room. That added sparkle add a soft touch of feminine without being so literal! 

Do you have some form of "sparkle" in your home and if so is it just mirror or something more interesting?!
Stay Chic! Don't forget to stop by the new addition to the fashion family, come and see Precious Couture the fashion kids versions of V&V were the mini's get to be as fashionable as the adults.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

V&V Get's Real: How to not get “scouted” by companies like InterFACE

Image from pinterest search 
After having a somewhat hectic weekend filled with wedding stuff and a “semi scam” I had to let me thoughts marinate before sitting down to write this post.

I’ve worked in the fashion industry from a designer perspective and have modeled as a kid- teen year and still, even a somewhat knowledgeable mother got duped! With that being said I figured if someone with “somewhat” knowledge on kids modeling, fashion and the daily scams, due to many nights and days spent watching everything Trya Banks talked about in regards to “modeling scamming” I too was “semi swindled”. So I decided if this could happen to me then the average Joe can be hoodwinked as well, this in a sense is my “PSA” to all the parent readers who live in the DMV area.

Disclosure: The below is my own experience and my own opinion of InterFACE. I am choosing to share this on my own platform so that all my chic parents in the DMV Area are aware and do not ever have to experience what I endured! This is not a normal blog entry, it’s not glittery and dripping in pretty picture, it’s laced with a real life experience and if you make it to the end hopefully you too will not fall victim!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mommy Corner: I’m no Super Women, I’m just a mom

As the days quickly turn into weeks and the weeks turn into months, I sometimes have to just stop, take a breath and enjoy life.
With the wedding being one month and 22 days away (yes I have a counter) I find myself every single day being submerged in all things wedding!  As June rolled in I made myself A promise, that upon arriving home I will not get on the computer until the mini is down and asleep.
I find that this gives me time to just be with the family without having a glowing screen with something wedding related in my face and I’m glad I started doing this because I also noticed that the mini was feeling left out with mommy and daddy being so preoccupied.
At night I like to always do what I call “mommy time” with Doll. It’s a time to just “calm down cool down”, let the body relax and it give her a chance to cuddle with me and tell me about her day in her own little language.

Monday, June 2, 2014

V &V Gets Married: Time Lost

WOW! It’s been a full week since I’ve posted anything on the blog. To say its been busy is a understatement!

I am officially 2 months out to the wedding day and things are winding down and bubbling up in the same breath. I am excited and overwhelmed all at once and as I took a moment to just breath and rest I relived I hadn’t written a post in a week!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Vogueffirmation: The decision is YOURS

In life we have to make a lot of hard decisions, some more transparent then others. Some tougher and cause severe heart burn then most!

This past Friday I decided to finish some books that I had laid on my library. I am trying to teach myself this year to finish what things that I start! So I picked up -Tim Gunns “Gunns goldern rules to life: : Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work. I moved on into a chapter that talked about “telling it like it is” and he broke down how and when that term should be used. Most important to me was when he said something to be intrepid as -if your remarks will hurt someone else but make you feel better you should keep it to yourself as it does not help either parties involved. I was puzzled and thought to myself well then what’s the point?! As there is never a good time to tell anyone how you’re feeling and not have them feel like they received the short end of the stick!