Wednesday, September 24, 2014

V&V Enter Interior: It’s Electric

Now I am not a “trained” interior decorator but I have watched enough HGTV to consider myself to be a semi pro with matching peace’s to create a grand room! Or maybe it’s the degree in fashion design that has me so intrigued and tuned in to home décor whatever the case since moving into the new house about 3 years ago we have be decorating and redoing, and even in some cases reconstructing!

Monday, September 22, 2014

V&V Monday Vogueffirmation: Imperfectly, Perfect

Perfection, something that we as humans all strive for, the need and desire to be perfect hinges in many minds and it makes me wonder, if we were all perfect then what would life be like?

There would be nothing to challenge, no charter, there would be no true self of ones identify if “perfection” was achieved. I am and will always be working on myself and I strive to always look within myself to see my “flaws”, but I have come to realize that perfection is not as shiny, grand and beautiful as we all might think!

Images from pinterest 

The idea in itself, is like a sunset its attractive, mesmerizing and beautiful, but in realty if you stare at the sun to long it can hurt your eye! I have come to realize that I am not perfect, I will never be perfect and I am ok with being imperfectly, perfect! 
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Mommy Corner: Anxiety Over?!

Images from Pinterest
In my early adult years I discovered I suffered from anxiety, I over analyze things, get obsessed and gain OCD to try and control or fix the situations which always equals to me becoming a ball of stress!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mid Week Inspo: I like them big, I like them Chunky

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My heels that is! I have always been a lover of a chunky heel! This all steams from a mix of wanting to be model tall and the stability of balance toward gravity!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Vogueffirmatin: Digging Away

Monday Vogueffirmation on a Tuesday?!  Yup! I started out on Sunday trying to “Rep-write" Monday’s Vogueffirmation to use my time wisely but ran into one big issue! These posts are always written on Monday morning’s! I listen to see what’s speaking to me and then I send it forward to you all, so it seemed unnatural to try and write would I would consider one of my most “real” and “raw” post pulled from my current emotion a day before it was due and therefore no voice came and no post went up!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mid-Week Inspo-White in Fall

I love this idea! More because I finally found a pair of white jeans that fit me to a T that I’ve yet to wear all summer long out of fear that I will get dirty! As I trolled through my closet unmoved by my pieces I fingered over my summer items still adorned with tags realizing fall is upon us and will slowly creep in leaving no time to wear that crop top I brought, or the white jeans due to the fact that I have been trained that “you don’t wear white after labor day” I mean really where does this stuff come from! The rules of fashion!

Monday, August 25, 2014

V&V Monday Vogueffirmations- What’s the Rush?!

Today I was reminded, as I zipped through a thick flow of traffic that for about 4 months now had been non-existent due to the school closer of how easily stress can rush into your head before your day has started or before you’ve even taken your first cup of coffee!

Doll’s daycare is closed for the whole week, and because I am a planner and a bit OCD (yes I can admit this) I set my alarm clock a bit later than usual as it was only me that needed to be prepared and out the house, pulled out the clothes and intended to be to work 30 minutes before my usual time! But O’no, as I pulled out of my neighborhood onto the main throughway I was stunned at the semi thick traffic that littered the road at 6:20 am! I felt my blood instantly boil as I saw my plans of driving in stress free and getting to work early slip away behind a minivan that continued to break with the next car 3 cars ahead of him!
As I blew my horn and attempted to look for a escape lane to get back my lost 5 minutes I just stopped, took my Bluetooth out my ear, turned the radio up and realized for the first morning, in a while it’s just me in the car. Me with my thoughts, no need to chit chat with anyone, no toddler asking for “book mommy” it was just me!