Friday, May 4, 2012

Are those Louboutin's!? No but these are!

So I wanted to share this oddly and slightly rude encounter I had last night with a lady while attend a fashion show. I felt sexy, I looked good (yes tooting my own horn, but I did) and I was strutting! So as I entered the room all of a sudden girls and women started coming up to me saying “I love your shoes!” I politely said thanks, and double checked to see what I had on my feet.

Ladies you know how it is when you wear a shoe a lot you just kinda throw it on and when someone one says something you have to check to see what all the fuss is about. Any way I go to take my seat after 3 really cute girls walk up to me and say “I love love your shoes” ok thanks I’m thinking at this point. Then this lady we will call “brit society” leans in and the conversation goes like this:
Brit Society: “So are those Louboutin’s?! (In a very thick brit accent)
Me: “No actually they are not” (big grin)
Brit Society: “So there fakes?!”
Me: “Umm no there by Baby Phat, you know Kimora Lee Simmons?! They just have a red
bottom! (Really never said they were Loubs, side eye!)
Brit Society: ” O did you hear about the lawsuit against YSL?!”
Me: “Hum yes!”(Awkward stare and your point)
Brit Society: “Well I would like to get me a pair one day!”
Me: “That’s nice” (this conversation has expired!)
How rude of her right! Just because they have a red sole does not mean they are Loub’s nor
any less fashionable! I thought that my encounter with her was comical at most than rude. Some
people, so just for her I am going to do a tribute post for Louboutin’s on this beautiful Friday.
(Photos of my outfit from that night and the “fake loubos” coming soon)!

All Images from Bergdorf Goodman

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  1. oh no's ....I get your point, but i think CL has built most of his brand on that signature bottom, so ppl will always bother you about that, IMO. I can only imagine her tone though for it to come across as rude, since i'm reading it online. I'd rather them be another brand then straight out fakes, which i see a lot and it's crazy to me.

  2. I can see her wright now, I really do. I hate this kind of persons, so much, we all have a place in this world and it sucks when someone bursts your bubble.
    My bubble needs to be full and happy :).

    1. These kind of people I feel sorry for because they are truly diluted. They are wound up so tight they don't know anything else. I love high and low brands I don't discriminate by the price on the tag! :)

  3. I enjoyed your post. What frightens me is that I could see myself asking someone the same question, but I wouldn't mean any harm by it. I think once you told her they were not Loubs, it was very weird for her to continue with all the other stuff. It was rude- and again... there is a difference between a knockoff and a shoe with a red sole... two totally different things!!!

  4. I've had conversations with people like this, however, what really boils me is when my piece is real (I know what I paid for it!) but yet they're interrogating me! Um, even if my whole outfit was a knockoff Chinatown (Canal Street) special, I still look fab in it! Furthermore, I believe if you do not have nothing nice to say, say nothing. Do not hate, it's unbecoming (Smile)


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